Our Logos


1. The letter SR combined and the open space in the middle shows the HOLY BIBLE. There is no solid rock apart from the Bible.

2. The middle vertical line extends upward leading to the CROSS. SRBC exalts Christ alone and shares the message of hope based on the Cross of what the Lord has done for mankind.

3. You will notice that the background and lines from the pinnacle up to the right line of the letter “R” looks like a mountain peak to depict Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.

UYF Logo

We are the last bastion of youth who are sold out for Jesus, the defender of the true faith and the youth who cares for the lost souls. We are the bulwark of the faith. We are the UYF – United Youth Fortress.




Old Paths Baptist Church is located at 4207 W. Lincoln Hwy in Parkesburg, PA, USA in the ARA Center about 1/2 mile west of Route 10 on Business 30. Our goal at Old Paths Baptist Church is to provide a place where good old-fashioned preaching can be found. In our day and age, churches that will stick to God’s plan of Bible preaching and Bible living are few and far between. We hope that you will be able to visit Old Paths Baptist Church to find out how it can make a difference in your life.