Church Wedding Videos

Marriage is a very ancient idea. The Bible suggests it goes right back to Adam and Eve, who were ‘made for each other’ (Genesis 2). Jesus’ teaching on marriage, as exclusive, unbreakable and forging a new family unit, drew on this original blueprint. So marriage has always been part of God’s good plan for us. And no wonder! A good marriage is healthy, freeing and life-giving.

We believe that marriage is a gift from God. There is something in a public commitment of this magnitude that has a spiritual element to it and which can transform a relationship to a new and deeper level.

Wayne & Myriah Rempel December 2017

Argie & Roselyn Anne Balahay February 10th, 2017

Andrew & Christina Ludwig December 13th, 2014

Eric & Justine Savage October 4th, 2014

Ben & Christina Harwood March 29th, 2014

Isaac & Misty Megenbir October 12, 2013

Jeff & Melanie Ostrowski September 28, 2013

Zach & Kyla Harwood October 20, 2012

Ebenizer & Kristine Maranan August 10, 2012