We are the UYF  (United Youth Fortress)

Together, we are a formidable stronghold of faith. We are the last bastion of youth who are sold out for Jesus, the defender of the true faith and the youth who cares for the lost souls. We are the bulwark of the faith. We are the UYF – United Youth Fortress.

This is a group of passionate and dedicated young people whose aim is to move this present generation and the next with the firm and uncompromising stand for what the King James version of the Bible teaches. Saved by Grace. United. Coming from different cultures and lifestyles, they came together to stand firm with a common goal.

–> to know Jesus more and to enable the youth to know Him, too.

Youth Camp 2021 – GO FORWARD – Video (please use our Zoom Passcode to open this video)

Youth Camp 2019 – BE STRONG & OF A GOOD COURAGE – Video (please use our Zoom Passcode to open this video)

Youth Camp 2018 – CONTENDING FOR THE FAITH – Video

Youth Camp 2017 – I AM A SOLDIER – Video

Youth Camp 2016 – I AM A 1%ER – Photos

Youth Camp 2015 – TRANSFORMED – Photos

Youth Camp 2014 – REBUILD – Video

Youth Camp 2013 – ADVANCED & CONQUER – Video

Youth Camp 2012 – GUARD YOUR FAITH – Video

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