DEAF – Deaf Evangelism And Fellowship

In God’s Holy Bible, Romans 10:14 states that unless one hears the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he cannot believe, and if he cannot believe, he cannot receive eternal life through Jesus Christ.

The purpose of this ministry, therefore, is to further the Gospel, particularly to deaf people in Calgary by communicating it in their language, with their idioms and through their cultural nuances.

Preaching and teaching God’s Holy Word to Deaf people will achieve this purpose. Establishing and supporting of Deaf ministries are additional ways. Camps, retreats, revival meetings, etc., will also help. Workshops and Sign Language courses will also contribute.

Working together with Solid Rock Baptist members, and as God provides, this ministry can fulfill its purpose.

Ministry Outreach

  • Teach sign language classes
  • Evangelism teams
  • Conduct camps and retreats
  • Support current deaf ministries
  • Establish new deaf ministries.



Contact: Pastor Edwin “Chip” Rodgers

Text Phone: 587-888-4979

Interpreting Service: 11:00 AM

Deaf Service: 2:00 PM Sunday