Welcome to the SKYPE-pleship Ministry of Solid Rock Baptist Church!

The early Christian leaders traveled by foot, horse and boat to spread the Gospel. Religious orders during the Reformation utilized sea vessels during the great exploration of the Americas. And now in a new era of communication via the Internet. In October of 2013, Pastor Jon Harwood perceived the Holy Spirit nudging him to reach out to those Bible believing Christians working in the Middle East where the Bible and the preaching of the Gospel is legally prohibited. We have reached to Christian families as far as Dubai in U.A.E and by the grace of God one family relocated to Calgary in December of 2013 and are now faithful members of Solid Rock Baptist Church Of Calgary.

We hit a barrier at the logistical organization of such a ministry. Our preachers can not travel to those countries so we thought ‘Why not bring the audience to the preacher?’

And the “Skypepleship” Sessions were born.

We realized this is a very safe and effective way of reaching out to them! Shepherd’s Flock Baptist Church is based in the heart of Islam in Saudi Arabia. Considering itself the guardian of Islam’s holiest sites, Saudi Arabia forbids ALL other religions. There is no law or Constitutional provision for the freedom of religion or protection of faith groups other than Sunni Muslims; Islamic (Sharia) Law is the basis of the Saudi legal system. Worship services and evangelism are illegal in Saudi Arabia, and apostasy, conversion to another religion, is punishable by death. Preachers and other Christian workers are not permitted in Saudi Arabia and the Bible and all Christian literature are banned. Non-Muslims are prohibited from entering Islam’s holiest city, Mecca.

Saudi Arabia’s poor record with religious freedom and human rights is the direct result of a corrupt judicial system, religious police (mutawwa), and the corroboration of the government. It has been reported that despite the persecution, there is a substantial and growing number of Christians in Saudi Arabia. All converts discovered in the past have been deported.

Christian expatriates live under strict surveillance. Underground churches are searched for with diligence by the government, and leaders are sometimes subjected to humiliating beatings, imprisonment, expulsion, or even execution. Asian Christians, who have often been the most effective witnesses and whose governments have the least international clout, are specifically targeted by authorities.

We praise God for His protection of His church there and the courage of these people to meet underground every Friday to worship and hear the preaching of our Pastor in spite of the serious threat in their midst.

Acts 5:29 says, “Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.”

Please continue to pray with us for the safety of this church!

Shepherd’s Flock Baptist Church Of Riyadh



Our mission statement based from the acronym of the word “Flock.” The major and over-all factors of a Christian life is all included herein.

F        – Follow the Lord (Spirituality)
L       – Lead Other to Christ (Soul winning)
O       – Obey His Words (Scriptures)
C       – Commit and Cooperate (Service)
K       – Keep the Love (Sharing)


Be With The Shepherd. Go With The Flock.”


As a sheep of God’s Flock, I will

  • Follow the Lord
  • Lead Others to Christ
  • Obey His words
  • Commit and Cooperate
  • Keep The Love

By His grace, Amen.

Our systematic discipleship.