Solid Rock Baptist Church is a church out of Old Paths Baptist Church in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania started by Missionary Jon Mark Harwood and his family. In 2005, he left Old Paths Baptist and headed with his family to Alberta. Initially intending to go to Edmonton, he decided that Calgary was where the Lord led him. They arrived in Calgary on June 5, 2005. He started Solid Rock Baptist Church of Calgary, with his family attending, in the basement of their first home in Bridlewood, where they started their first church services in the basement. Soon after, their family moved to another house in Somerset, where the basement was renovated, and church services continued.

Then, in November 2007, by the grace of God, the church began to grow and later moved to 424 Acadia Drive, Southeast of Calgary.

By the grace of God, the church began to grow, eventually outgrowing the basement. Since then, the church has only gotten bigger and has had different locations over the years. In November 2007, the church was located at 424 Acadia Drive, Southeast. The next move occurred on November 17, 2013, at a new location in Forest Lawn in southeast Calgary. The location is at 1539 43rd Street SE, corner of 16th Avenue, SE. This move has been necessitated by the building’s owner’s sale of the church building in Acadia, SE. As of now, our congregation meets at 950 Queensland Dr SE.

The church is beginning to move locations again, and by June 30, 2024, Solid Rock will be at 5811 46th Street Southeast, Calgary.

The Lord has graciously continued to provide places for our church to meet and worship, and our church is growing through God’s provision. We are currently working towards building our own church building, which we pray to have in the near future. In the meantime, we continue to do the Lord’s work of spreading the Gospel wherever the Lord has placed us.

We have seen God do some wonderful things TO and FOR us over the years. Not only do we have a great history, but we believe, by the grace of God, that we also have a great future. Maybe that future includes having YOU as part of our church family!