“Communism can be characterized by a single word: deception. It is being played out on the political scene today as America experiences a concerted attack by Marxist socialists to overthrow the leader of the Free World from within…and they seem certain of victory. Where can freedom-loving people look for hope in these days of uncertainty?” “There is a legacy left by two great Christian men, William Aberhart and Ernest C. Manning, who for 33 years ruled the Canadian province of Alberta as premiers in “God’s Government.” They were loved by the people and re-elected consistently during dire economic times with the people’s best interests at heart. It is timely to look back to their legacies and warnings as our two countries seem to be groping in the dark for a way back to our cultural heritage, and the prosperity and stability that it affords.”


Thanks, Brother Frank for the book. I read it and it is full of truth I know you put your life in jeopardy revealing the tricks uses by communism to deceive people. Hope it will give a warning to those who read it. God bless and praying always for you. -Pastor Rey (A Filipino Pastor)