Brother Frank has done a tremendous amount of research and study on this topic. His Book of Job and Biblical Chronology is written in an informative and interesting way. Combining Frank’s unique perspective as a petroleum geologist with his deep faith as a Christian, the book details how the geological column can easily fit within the Biblical time-line. Frank also discusses how Darwinism and uniformitarianism fail to explain much of what can be seen in modern day genetics, geology, and history. I have read many books on these topics and have to say this one ranks with the best. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in a science book written from a Christian perspective. ~Will Tuovila

      The Book of Job and Biblical Chronology: A Critical Look at the Age of the Earth was written to show that the earth is thousands of years old and not millions or billions of years old. It is written by Frank Crawford, a retired petroleum geologist who has studied sedimentary basins around the world. Frank examines key geological processes from the secular literature and compares them with equivalent statements from the Bible to support a young earth contemporary with human history. He looks at seafloor spreading, continental drift, mountain building, deposition and the geological ‘column,’ the age of the dinosaurs, glaciation and the migration of man – all in context to a young earth. All geological processes followed a path of rapid entropy initiated by Noah’s Flood and lasting for 350 to 400 years. After which they neared stasis or stability. He emphasizes that the present in NOT the key to the past and shows the reader why that is so. The author’s intent is to show that the Bible is scientifically true and that all true science should conform to its teachings because it is God’s infallible and inerrant Word. Mr. Crawford also explores the Darwinian narrative to reveal the great deception that Darwin and his followers perpetrated on academia and society as a whole over the past 150 years and continue to do so to the present day. Today’s ‘Planned-demic’ and mass vaccination is part of the left’s neo-Darwinian revolution leading into totalitarianism. The book uses references from recent genetic studies to dispel the notion of the false ‘ape-to-man’ teaching, which is the bedrock of modern evolutionary doctrine. This book is for the individual who would like to re-examine and re-interpret scientific data at face value and not according to the current politically-correct and biased Darwinian consensus. Mr. Crawford emphasizes the paramount importance of each person’s never-dying soul in the light of eternity. He presents Biblical salvation in two appendices; one about the patriarch Job’s life and the other on How to Become a Christian, explaining the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Scripture references.


“Excellent work Frank, congratulations are in order. A must-buy.”

 Jimmy Reece MBA, BEng.

Executive Director- Exploration & Administration Proficiency Services Inc.